Se vienen las ultimas re-ediciones de Led Zeppelin

Así es amigo melomano se viene para el 31 de Julio las ultimas re-ediciones del catalogo de Led Zeppelin, que podran conseguir en Fracture Records.

Presence (1976)

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Este es el Tracklist que conforma la Edición Deluxe:

Disc: 1
1. Achilles Last Stand
2. For Your Life
3. Royal Orleans
4. Nobody s Fault But Mine
5. Candy Store Rock
6. Hots On For Nowhere
7. Tea For One
Disc: 2
1. Two Ones Are Won
2. For Your Life (Reference Mix)
3. 10 Ribs & All/Carrot Pod Pod (Pod)
4. Royal Orleans (Reference Mix)
5. Hots On For Nowhere (Reference Mix)


In Throught The Out Door (1979)

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Este es el Tracklist que conforma la Edicion Deluxe:

Disc: 1
1. In The Evening
2. South Bound Saurez
3. Fool In The Rain
4. Hot Dog
5. Carouselambra
6. All My Love
7. I m Gonna Crawl
Disc: 2
1. In The Evening (Rough Mix)
2. Southbound Piano (South Bound Saurez)
3. Fool In The Rain (Rough Mix)
4. Hot Dog (Rough Mix)
5. The Epic (Carouselambra – Rough Mix)
6. The Hook (All My Love – Rough Mix)
7. Blot (I m Gonna Crawl – Rough Mix)

Coda (1982)

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Este es el Tracklist que conforma la Edición Deluxe:

Disc: 1
1. We re Gonna Groove
2. Poor Tom
3. I Can t Quit You Baby
4. Walter s Walk
5. Ozone Baby
6. Darlene
7. Bonzo s Montreux
8. Wearing And Tearing
Disc: 2
1. We re Gonna Groove (Alternate Mix)
2. If It Keeps On Raining (When The Levee Breaks – Rough Mix)
3. Bonzo s Montreux (Mix Construction In Progress)
4. Baby Come On Home
5. Sugar Mama ( Mix)
6. Poor Tom (Instrumental Mix)
7. Travelling Riverside Blues (BBC Session)
8. Hey, Hey, What Can I Do
Disc: 3
1. Four Hands (Four Sticks – Bombay Orchestra)
2. Friends (Bombay Orchestra)
3. St. Tristan s Sword (Rough Mix)
4. Desire (The Wanton Song – Rough Mix)
5. Bring It On Home (Rough Mix)
6. Walter s Walk (Rough Mix)
7. Everybody Makes It Through (In The Light – Rough Mix)